Welcome to Rockster Gaems!

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Welcome to Rockster Gaems!

Post by IKTBR on Wed Jun 28, 2017 10:49 pm

Hello and welcome to our forum!
If you sexually identify as an Assault Helicopter and want to play all Rockstar Games for free, you are really welcome to join us!

We post only Games, Games + DLC's and game modifictaions (MODS) for Rockstar Games, with tutorial videos!
If you have any question don't bother contacting us at any time, we will get to you as soon as possible!

If you want to be sexually identified as Assault Helicopters and use your services and full-Steam RIPPED Games, please follow the rules and do not make any problems!


1. Do not harass or insult any other user in the threads! If it's not your day don't bring anybody down, figure out your problems in other form instead of bringing anybody else's mood down!
2. Do not post any Malware and any other viruses, because you will bring the community down!
3. You are free to create any videos for our forum and the games/mods we release!
4. You are free to create any threads that are not-related to Games or Gaming, but threads that contain harassment of any other Assault Helicopter on the forum will be
immediately removed and the users access to the forum will be restricted!
5. You can create Mods or any other stuff related to games and upload it here free of charge!
6. You can freely present your services for other players, nor they are free of charge or they require payment! Boosting Services & Account Trading/Selling/Buying is completely allowed on this forum!


Hope you enjoy using our services!


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